Cops Arrest Teen for Shoplifting & Find Disturbing Evidence of Her Recent Miscarriage

fetus shopping bagWhen police officers showed up at a New York City Victoria's Secret store Thursday afternoon, they thought they were going to deal with two teenage girls shoplifting. What they got, though, was something much, much more horrifying. Instead of lingerie in the shopping bag of Tina Rodriguez, it was a fetus. Yes, a dead baby was found inside the shopper's bag, which security personnel were tipped off to by the strong odor. Rodriguez told police she had a miscarriage on Wednesday and "didn't know what to do with it."

Let me get this straight. The teenager, whose friends and family had no clue she was pregnant, had a miscarriage at her friend's home -- or so that's what police currently believe. Then, instead of going to the hospital, she headed into Manhattan where she continued to shoplift with her girlfriend, tossing the stolen items on top of the baby in a black plastic bag and other clothing.

This ... this is horrifying. The kicker? She's already a mother to one young son.


I don't understand how a person could do this. This woman had a miscarriage, did not seek any medical attention, and then carried her child around like that. Something just isn't right here. And considering Rodriguez is a MOTHER, it makes me wonder about her abilities to make good choices. Is she responsible enough to take CARE of that child too?! It's frightening. It's devastating. That poor baby -- just gone. That poor woman, losing her child.

Rodriguez was removed from the store in a wheelchair and taken to a local hospital while her friend was taken to a NYC precinct for questioning. The two were charged with petty larceny and criminal possession of stolen property.

There's no doubt in my mind that this mother is going through a lot of things mentally right now. All I can do is pray that she seeks help, not just for her sake, but for that of her other child.

Are you absolutely horrified by this story?


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