Principal Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Young Boy in Office While Parent Waited Outside (VIDEO)

A man has been charged with several sex crimes against at least three children. The truly twisted and bizarre part? The man, David Ellis Edwards, is a middle school principal. And at least one of the victims was sexually assaulted inside the principal's office -- while his victim's parent sat outside! The audacity here is so profound it almost makes you wonder if this could be true? Could a principal really sexually attack a student inside his office while either his mother or father sat outside waiting for him? Seems too depraved to be real! But cops believe it is real, and he's been arrested.


Police believe there were at least three victims -- all young boys -- and the acts allegedly took place inside two different North Carolina schools where Ellis was principal. The victims were between the ages of 11 and 14.

Thinking back to my own school days, the principal is such a fearsome, aloof figure. I don't remember having much contact with the principals of any of my schools. But you were scared of them. If they walked down the hallway, there were whispers of, "There goes the principal!" and suddenly everyone behaved.

So if this happened -- and let's remember innocent until proven guilty -- it must have been terrifying and confusing for the young victims. At that age, a principle of your school is almost like God.

And could a principal really sexually assault a child with a parent in the waiting room outside? Who would not only do this to a child, but take that kind of risk, knowing the parent was right there?

And can you imagine how the parent feels, knowing this allegedly went on right next to him or her? With someone he or she totally trusted? This just isn't the kind of thing that even enters your mind!

Ellis reportedly quit his last principal position weeks ago, but only informed his employers he was moving on to "other educational opportunities." He neglected to mention those might happen in prison.

Can you believe this?

Image via youmustacquit/YouTube

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