Student Violently Attacked on School Bus While Driver Does Nothing (VIDEO)

school busWhen a high school boy returned home with a busted lip and a broken tooth, his mother suspected a fight. What she didn't know was that her son had been attacked without provocation while riding home on the bus from his alternative school. She also didn't know that the physical beating was only the first part of her son's torment.

His attackers would go on to post the video of his beating on Facebook. The teenagers responsible for punching 17-year-old Dylan Fonner in the face and then posting that video face the very real possibility of criminal prosecution. The adult bus driver who did not help Fonner or report the incident could also face charges.


For the kids, it's up to their home state of Pennsylvania to decide whether or not they will be tried as adults. I certainly hope that they are. Because the way I see it, if you're willing to enact that sort of violence upon another person, you should be prepared to face very real adult consequences. All of that said, I think the real focus in this story should be put upon the bus driver.

As long as they are in his bus, those kids are that driver's responsibility. If he felt it was unsafe to intervene while driving, he should have immediately filed a report when he did feel safe. At the very least he could have let the frightened and injured boy off of the bus or provided him with medical assistance. I don't understand how you can look a bleeding boy in the face and shrug. Disgusting. The thought that runs chills down my spine is this: If Dylan's attackers felt comfortable enough to do this, what other horrific things has this driver turned a blind eye to? I hope they throw the book at him.

Do you think the driver has a responsibility to the students on their bus?


Image via NBC Philadelphia; Simon Montgomery/Robert Harding World Imagery/Corbis

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