12-Year-Old Girl Brutally Kills Kitten in Front of Friends, Then Brags She'd Do It Again

There's something horribly wrong when 12-year-old girls would think of doing anything other than cooing at or trying to snuggle with a 3-month-old kitten. But the complete opposite occurred when a group of tweens walking home from school in New York spotted a gray tabby kitten by its owner's house, snatched him up, and proceeded to toss him around, before one girl threw the cat in front of an oncoming car. The kitten, named Little Man by its owners, was crushed by a moving vehicle and died a few minutes later. Instead of feeling remorse or shock at her crazy actions, witnesses say they overheard the little girl saying she would do it again if she could



The family who owned the kitty say they didn't know the girl, so this was just some random act of cruelty done, perhaps, to show off in front of friends? Only you're going to find it difficult to convince me that tweens and teens have switched from smoking cigarettes in the supermarket parking lot to abusing animals in order to impress their peers. No, this reads like the act of one totally unbalanced young girl who -- I'm speculating here -- was a ringleader in her group and whose friends were too scared to tell her to stop what she was doing. 

After an almost month-long investigation after the incident took place in September, cops were able to arrest the young girl on Monday night. Her name is not being released because of her age. She is being charged with aggravated cruelty to animals, which is a felony that could land an adult up to two years in prison

Chances are the tween won't get so harsh a punishment, but if you ask me, if she really did commit this horrific crime, she deserves an even more severe penalty for her actions. In addition to time spent in a juvenile detention center, it sounds like she needs to be psychologically evaluated and she definitely requires counseling. Let's hope this young girl gets the help she needs before she inflicts her anger on other people. 

What do you think should happen to this young girl if she is found guilty of killing the kitten?


Image via sikander/Flickr

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