True Identity of Baby Found in Cooler Finally Revealed

baby hopeFor 22 years, she's been Baby Hope to police in New York after the little girl's body was found, abandoned in a cooler along the highway. Then suddenly cops located her mother this week, and the mystery of how a little girl had died has been blown open. Cops have identified her father, and now finally, we know who this little girl is! 

She's not Baby Hope anymore! She has a name!


The little girl was reportedly named Angelica, possibly Angelica Ramirez -- according to the New York Post (a source confirmed her first name to The New York Times, but not the last). With the help of a birth certificate, cops are now also able to determine that she was 4 years old at the time she died back in 1991. 

It's not much, but it's something?

For years, this little girl's headstone has sported a name that isn't hers and a giant sign that reads, "The identity of this little girl is unknown." No disrespect to the cops who were trying their best here, but it's not exactly the most dignified of headstones. It's as if, even in death, this poor child could not get some peace, could not get the respect she deserved before her murder.

Her identity won't change the disturbing circumstances of her death, the fact that she was likely abused before being killed, but it does allow police to hopefully find her killer and bring her to justice. They've already spoken to her mother, and now that they know the identity of her father, they're searching for him to talk to as well.

And it gives this poor little girl some dignity in death.

She can be remembered, honored.



Image via NYPD

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