Man Goes to Extreme & Barbaric Lengths to Keep Girlfriend From Cheating

padlockA man in Mexico is free today just hours after being arrested for abusing the woman he claimed to love. The unidentified man, 40, used a self-made 'chastity padlock' on his girlfriend, 25. He literally kept her pants locked to be sure that she would remain faithful to him. You know what also inspires fidelity? Trust. That and not LOCKING UP THE NETHERS OF YOUR PARTNER. 

Desperate and aching to use the bathroom but too frightened to remove the lock herself, the woman finally reached out to the police. They arrested the man, but his girlfriend -- who is clearly in no position to be making decisions like this -- refused to press charges. Here's where an already outrageous situation gets even more messed up.


He had been doing this to her for 12 years. Twelve. Years. How did the police react to all of this? They threw him in jail and lost the key. Kidding. What they actually did was make him sign a piece of paper promising never to do it again. Right. You know, like he was a truculent schoolboy instead of a vile abuser.

Because, if you'll do the math, this has been going on for 12 years and the woman in question is 25. Basic math will prove that she was only 13 when this abuse allegedly started. If you are not screaming at your computer yet, then I have not done my job. Luckily women's rights activists in Mexico are speaking up. The police utterly failed this woman. Here's hoping that with the support of others, she'll be able to free herself from the cycle of abuse.

Do you think the police should have done more to help this woman?


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