4 Malnourished Children Who Can't Speak Found in House of Horrors (VIDEO)

A mother who lost parental rights to her three children four years ago when they were found living in deplorable conditions in a cat feces-filled and urine-soaked house and suffered unspeakable neglect is now in trouble again ... because her four other children live in a cat feces-filled and urine-soaked house and have suffered unspeakable neglect. Surprising, right? Lorinda Bailey and the children's father, Wayne Sperling, were arrested on child abuse charges after their four children, ages 2, 4, 5, and 6, were found living in a house of horrors in Denver. They were suffering from neglect so egregious that authorities say none of them can speak and only emit "grunts" and "infant-like" noises.


Additionally, the children allegedly are not toilet trained and their malnourishment is so severe that authorities couldn't tell who was the eldest and who was the youngest.

Not only had the parents had their three children taken away from them years ago, but a family lawyer who lives across the street had called police and child services a year ago about the children, who were often half-naked and running unsupervised around the neighborhood, but says he never received a call back. Additionally, reportedly there were two other calls to a child abuse hotline about the family that were not investigated.

Finally, Bailey took one of the younger children to a hospital for a cut, and when a doctor spotted signs of child abuse, another investigation was launched. The child was also reportedly unable to speak.

This time, four young boys were found in a home filled with decomposing animals, flies, and cats running around. (I hope someone saves the cats too!)

Reportedly, none of the children ever attended school.

Sounds like a bunch of different agencies really dropped the ball on this one! An investigation has been launched into that too.

Bailey denies that her children cannot speak and says they communicate with her just fine. (Okay, but they need to communicate with others, too?!) She also says her house is not dirty or unsafe. If you watch the video of the case (below), it's clear the couple live in an upscale neighborhood. The outside of the house looks clean and polished. So it's even stranger to think about what allegedly went on inside.

The four children have been taken into protective custody. Hopefully this will be the last time any children will be born to this woman -- but you know how that goes.

Images via Denver District Attorney's Office

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