Man Fakes His Own Kidnapping Because He's Too Chicken to Level With His Wife (VIDEO)

mug shot rogelio andaverdeIt seems something only characters on soap operas do, but apparently, going so far as to choreograph your own kidnapping is something real people do too! Real people like a 34-year-old Edinburg, Texas man named Rogelio Andaverde who allegedly staged his own kidnapping last week. 

Andaverde's wife told officers two masked gunmen entered their home and kidnapped her husband. Reported missing, about a dozen deputies and a DPS helicopter joined the search. Then, two days later, Andaverde showed up at his home, saying he'd been released. He reportedly told his wife the kidnappers had showed mercy and set him free ... only to later allegedly confess that he lied about the kidnapping, and the masked intruders were his buddies, taking him out for a night on the town! INSAAAANE!


While this crazy story almost sounds like the punchline to some ridiculous joke about a guy preferring to be held at gunpoint than tell his wife he was going out partying -- and admittedly, you can't help but snort a little when you envision this all going down -- what Andaverde reportedly did really was so low!

Not only does it show contempt and absolutely no respect for his wife or their marriage, but he clearly couldn't care less about law enforcement breaking their backs to "search" for him.

Thankfully, Andaverde isn't getting off so easily. He was charged with making a false report, and deputies are looking for his buddies -- the so-called "kidnappers" -- for questioning. Let's hope they end up with more than a slap on the wrist for this outlandish, cowardly stunt.

Do you find what happened here funny or totally disrespectful?


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