Fraternity Encourages Pledges to Lure Women With Vile Techniques

georgia techBack to school means back to some seriously disturbing behavior for some students, like a Georgia Tech fraternity member who is under fire for a controversial email he sent offering Phi Kappa Tau pledges advice on how to seduce women. The university is currently investigating the email, which was sent last month and offers brilliant words of wisdom for scoring like, "If anything ever fails, go get more alcohol." Also helpful: The email's "7 E's of HOOKING UP!" such as "encounter," "engage," "escalate," and "expunge: send them out of your room and on their way out when you are finished."

Finally, the part everyone can't seem to stop talking about? The frat boy's signoff: "In luring rapebait." Wow.


In response to the uproar, the national fraternity CEO issued the following statement:

The referenced email is extremely inappropriate and does not reflect the values of the Phi Kappa Tau fraternity. The written expression of this thinking by a member is disturbing to everyone associated with Alpha Rho chapter and the fraternity.

I'll say! But we can't let incidents like this just blow over after the national spokesperson makes it clear that this was an isolated issue, they don't condone it, yadayada. I'm thrilled to hear the university is investigating the matter and has taken action against the offending student! It's also reassuring to know the campus chapter also placed itself on suspension pending the school investigation!

Because there is absolutely nothing acceptable or tolerable about a promotion or endorsement of rape. For some reason, this particular, frat boy brand of rape humor (is it even humor?) seems to be getting worse and worse. And yet, there's a prevailing thought that "Frat boys will be frat boys, what're you gonna do?!" The answer to that ridiculous Q: Take action! Not let incidents like this one blow up for a second and then shrug it off or brush it under the rug. Frats and universities need to make it clear that rape is NEVER a joke -- and if you want to kid around about sexual violence, there's a punishment for blatantly encouraging a crime.

What do you think about this email? Do you agree we're often too blase in addressing situations like this?


Image via hectoralejandro/Flickr

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