Grandmother Charged With Horrifying Killing of 6-Month-Old Granddaughter She Was Babysitting (VIDEO)

As someone who grew up very close to my grandparents on both sides, I have a special place in my heart for grandparents, especially my grandmother. So it's horrifying to think that a grandmother, someone who should be the person you can turn to for unconditional love -- even when you're not getting it from mom -- could do this to her grandbaby. Alfreda Giedrocz, 61, is accused of bashing her granddaughter with a sledgehammer and then slitting her throat with a carving knife. Her granddaughter was only 6 months old.


Prosecutors say that Giedrocz was taking care of her grandchild, Vivian, after the baby's father, her son-in-law, dropped her off for babysitting on a typical Sunday morning. But that morning was anything but typical. Giedrocz had allegedly hidden a sledgehammer in her closet.

At some point, Giedrocz's husband stopped his work on a house across the street and went to visit his wife and granddaughter.

What he discovered will no doubt give him nightmares forever. His granddaughter was dead, butchered with a sledgehammer and carving knife.

Police won't comment on whether Giedrocz had a history of mental issues. But what else could make a woman kill her infant grandbaby? It makes no sense.

Neighbors said that Vivan's parents were thrilled to have a baby. Thrilled. And now. My heart breaks for them. To know that her grandmother allegedly did this. To know they left the baby with her.

Often we hear these daycare horror stories and people say, "That's why I only leave my child with trusted family members." But do you ever really know anyone?

I don't mean to alarm people. The vast majority of people, as well as daycare centers, are good and trustworthy.

But infanticide -- even by grandmothers -- is certainly not unheard of.

What could have caused a grandmother to do this? I can only imagine mental illness. Deep, deep mental illness. How much did the family know of her condition? Even if they knew she had issues, most people would not make the mental leap to this kind of violence.

My heart grieves for this family.

What do you think happened?


Image via WGN

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