Greedy Newlyweds Steal WAY More Than Shampoo From Their Hotel Room

wedding cuffsThis newlywed couple took the popular idiom, "make yourself at home," way too literally. Laura and Christopher Barnett went to stay at a five-star hotel to celebrate Christopher's birthday. Over the course of their visit, they stole everything that wasn't nailed down from the room -- and something that was too, the TV! 

They were caught eventually by their own greed. They were literally one foot out the door when they decided to argue about a pay-per-view charge on their bill. Talk about getting cocky! They claimed the charge had to be wrong -- since there was no TV in their room. That takes a special sort of confidence. By which I mean stupidity.


Every single person on the planet who has stayed at a hotel has taken something home with them. I'm not accusing the world at large of kleptomania. I'm just saying that, for the most part, when presented with free lotion of a fair-to-middling quality, few folks are going to turn that down.

While there are definitely acceptable freebies in your hotel room, don't assume everything is yours for the taking. Make sure you're not one of the 35 percent of travelers who happily cop to stealing items from hotel rooms. Stick to stuff you're expected to take. This includes soap, shampoo, tissue, pens, and stationary.

Keep your hands in your pockets when considering taking objects like sheets, towels, robes, lamps, or other electronics. You'd think this wouldn't need mentioning. But apparently that's not the case. For their theft, Chris Barnett is in jail for 16 weeks and Laura has a year of community service.

What do you take from hotel rooms?


Image via Corbis

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