Woman Arrested for Twerking in Front of School Children

woman arrested twerking

Twerking needs to go away, as soon as possible. It's gross and we're over it. Miley Cyrus should stop doing it. Miley Cyrus dressed as Michelle Bachmann should stop doing it. And young women twerking in front of a school bus full of kids should stop doing it.

Yes, a 27-year-old woman was arrested yesterday for twerking in front of a school bus full of children.


As awful as the Miley Cyrus VMA appearance was, this was definitely worse. Police said the woman in a white T-shirt had one hand on her ankle and another her crotch, twerking. She was also screaming obscenities.

The woman was apparently homeless, and who knows what types of mental or social issues she may be suffering from, which makes this situation just sad all around.

But I still feel sorry for all the parents who had to try to explain that one to their kids when they got home from school. 

Have your kids asked you about twerking? How did you explain it to them?


Image via Lake County Sheriff's Department

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