Missing Michigan 'Baby Kate' Case Takes Drastic Turn With New Murder Charge

missing baby kateSo many missing children cases never see the creep who probably did it formally charged because often times police can't find a body. This is what's happened with missing 4-and-a-half year old 'Baby Kate' Shelbie-Elizabeth Phillips of Michigan for more than two years.

The last time Kate's mom, Ariel Courtland, saw her baby daughter was in the backseat of her father Sean Phillips' car. Police have long suspected Phillips had something to do with the child's disappearance but could never prove it without finding ... you know, the necessary evidence.

But now there's new "evidence" in the Baby Kate case. Though this evidence is probably not the child herself, because we would have certainly heard about that, it is no doubt something big enough to warrant charging him for the child's killing.


Police on Friday arraigned Phillips, who is in jail for a lesser charge related to his daughter's disappearance, with "open murder." They now believe they have enough evidence to present to a jury to convince them that he took the little girl's life. It will be up to the jury to decide if it's first-degree or second-degree.

It's yet another missing child case that has torn at our hearts for so long now. It's one thing to imagine that a total stranger, someone sick and evil, could do this to an innocent baby -- but the baby's own father? And why? Because he didn't want another mouth to feed?

Phillips had reportedly been arguing with Kate's mom about whether he was in fact her father and wanted her to put the child up for adoption. Why he could have thought this was his best and only option boggles the mind, but it looks like he's in just the place to think about the gravity of his decision. And with hope, it won't be for just the 15 years he's serving now but a whole lot longer.

What do you think happened to Baby Kate?


Image via Inguanasan/Flickr


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