Entirely New Theory in Madeleine McCann Abduction Seems Way More Plausible -- And Hopeful

Madeleine McCannIt's a little odd to say there's some comfort in the latest theory as to what may have happened to 3-year-old Madeleine McCann. The new lead cops are pursuing is that Maddie may have been the victim of burglars that were committing a string of robberies in the Portugal resort where she went missing. Burglars and NOT a pedophile ring targeting potential victims, kidnapping them the minute their parents turned their backs, and whisking them out of the country through their organized network. Burglars are better than pedophiles, right? So if whatever happened to Maddie was just an unplanned accident, and whoever took her were just common thieves, maybe there's an even better chance that she is still alive and okay. Somewhere. Maybe? Hopefully?


Police in Britain who recently reopened the case say they are now looking very closely at a string of burglaries leading up to Madeleine's abduction in 2007 after "new evidence" has surfaced. Of course, every time we hear this we think why are the police only finding this "new evidence" now! Could the Portugese police have screwed this case up any more?!

Maddie may have woken up during a break-in at her apartment and startled the intruders. They may have been employees of the resort, people that Maddie knew and recognized, and they might have panicked and took her. That could explain why her younger twin brother and sister weren't taken.

Police are now making a plea for anyone who has information to call them. Maybe this new angle will spark something in someone that they didn't remember before, and the McCann Family can get a little bit closer to getting an answer. One thing that is certain is that this has dragged on way too long. This poor family needs closure.

Does this new theory raise the odds that Maddie is still alive? Or do you think the odds are still the same?

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