Groom Who Faked Bomb Scare Sounds Like a Real Coward

st. george's hall liverpoolStereotype or not, most grooms would rather not have that much to do with the wedding planning process. The idea of signing off on a color scheme or booking a florist sends them running for the hills. That's a reality most brides can fully accept. Until you ask for one simple task, and it turns into a TOTAL fiasco! What one groom from Liverpool, U.K. named Neil McArdle did is a perfect -- albeit extreme! -- example of this.

The 36-year-old and his bride-to-be, Amy Williams, were planning on getting hitched at the Liverpool Register Office in St. George's Hall in April. The couple had pencilled in a date and were given "right to marry" paperwork to be filled in. But by the day they were supposed to say "I do," McArdle realized he had not completed the forms and the venue was not officially booked. So ... instead of 'fessing up, he decided to call in a bomb threat!


YES, really! McArdle actually called St. George's from a phone booth near his home and told the receptionist: "There’s a bomb in St. George’s Hall and it will go off in 45 minutes." In turn, dozens of people were evacuated from the building as police and bomb disposal teams were sent to the scene. Wow.

How cowardly -- and deceptive! Not to mention totally crazy. It's a wonder Williams is reportedly still with her fiance. What is she thinking ... Doesn't a stunt like this make someone seem a bit too immature to tie the knot?

Or maybe she was just reassured by the fact that McArdle claims he did it out of love? A source tells the Daily Mail, "He realized that he hadn’t filled this form in. But he hadn’t got the heart to tell his missus and her family."

Still, good intentions don't matter when you attempt something as jaw-droppingly illegal as a bomb hoax! McArdle was arrested and charged later that day and is now facing a sentencing at court this month. Hopefully he has to face a consequence that forces him to grow up before he actually gets hitched -- if his bride will really still have him!

What do you make of this insanity?!


Image via hisgett/Flickr

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