Mother Who Drowned Her 3 Children Makes Outrageous Request

A mom who drowned her three children has an outrageous request -- she wants a part of the $350,000 estate that rightfully belonged to her kids. Yeah, the ones she killed. Leatrice Brewer drowned her three children, ages 1, 5, and 6, in their bathtub, but was found not guilty due to mental disease or defect. That was five years ago, and she has been in a New York psychiatric facility ever since. Now she will appear in court to ask for a portion of her dead children's $350,000 estate.


Several things in this story are just unbelievably devastating. For one, Brewer had severe mental issues and apparently thought she was saving her children from "voodoo" by drowning them.

Two days before the children were killed, social workers had visited her apartment, but finding no one home, they left. They failed to schedule a follow-up visit, and of course, the children were killed in the meantime.

The children's two fathers filed suit against Long Island county, where the crime happened, and both won settlements, totalling $350,000. It's that money that Brewer wants to tap.

What the hell? New York State, where the killings took place, has a Son of Sam law, which says that criminals cannot profit from their crimes. But since Brewer was found not guilty of these crimes by reason of mental defect -- and is only being held in a psychiatric facility until she is deemed mentally well -- then her lawyer says that law doesn't apply to her.

I don't care what the letter of the law says. You don't get to kill your kids and then get paid for it.

Fortunately, it looks like Brewer won't really receive any money anyway, since the state will want to recoup the huge amount of money they've already spent on her psychiatric help. Which, judging by the lien against her, already totals more than $1 million! Just in case you're wondering where your tax dollars go.

Anyway, hopefully she will never personally see any money. But does anyone else find it ironic that the state is trying to get back money that -- came from the state?!

What do you think of this?


Image via Nassau County Police

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