Woman Is Dragged From Home in Middle of the Night & Forced to Have Abortion (VIDEO)

Most of us couldn't imagine being told how many children we can or cannot have -- or being forced into an abortion we don't want because of the law. But that is the everyday reality for Chinese women, who are technically allowed one child (though there are exemptions). One woman was reminded of this fact in the most brutal way -- she says she was dragged from her home in the middle of the night, forced into a hospital, and given an injection that terminated her pregnancy in its sixth month.


Chinese law reportedly allows families to have additional children so long as they pay a fine, which can be as much as 10 times their yearly salary. So it's unclear why this family wasn't given a chance to pay up, and this barbaric means of ending her pregnancy was used instead.

According to the family, the woman, who already has a son, was dragged out of bed at 4 a.m. after a dozen officials from the "abortion police" kicked down their door. The woman's husband was apparently held down on a sofa while the pregnant woman was dragged away. It took him five hours to find her at a hospital.

By that time, she had already been injected with a drug that forced her to miscarry. She was then allegedly forced to sign papers that she'd agreed to an abortion.

The child was a boy. The woman, named Mrs. Zhou, kept him in a bucket for awhile, but couldn't look at him for fear of her heart breaking too much. Zhou says she was using contraception at the time he was conceived, and that it must have failed.

I really don't know what to say about this law, which was implemented to keep the population down. I'm not an expert on China, and some people say the law has kept the population stable, and others say it is creating an economic time-bomb because there won't be enough young people to care for the elderly.

All I know is that there must be a better way to implement the law than dragging a pregnant woman off in the middle of the night and forcibly injecting her with a drug to make her miscarry at six months. That just seems barbaric -- and something tells me it doesn't happen to rich women in the country.

But it IS the law, and if you get pregnant in such a culture, then you take your chances as to what will happen. It's not fair, there is plenty in this world that is unfair, but that is the way it is. How ironic that while women in China are forced into abortions, women here are forced into having unwanted children for lack of abortion clinics. Neither is fair.

American women who are contemplating whether to have their second or third child should realize how lucky they are to have freedom of choice. That means having six children -- or NONE.

What do you think of this law?

Image via Venice Stothard/YouTube

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