Man Arrested for Attacking Little Girl’s Tinker Bell Birthday Cake

birthday cakeWhen one mother needed to make a quick stop at the County Hall of Justice, she brought her 9-year-old daughter's birthday cake inside with her. I can understand that line of thinking. Her dog was in the car and she was worried about it getting into the cake. As a person whose dog ate more than its fair share of Subway sandwiches, I understand her actions. Besides, what safer place to leave it than one swarming with cops?

What she didn't know is that one Robert Eric Fredrickson was also in the building. Frederickson had a fever. The only prescription? A handful of stolen birthday cake. Who in their right mind steals a cake, meant for a child, in front of multiple cops? Did I mention he did it with his bare hands? But wait, wait, wait -- because it gets even more ridiculous.


As soon as the police working noticed what this jerk had done, they ran to get wet towels (priorities) -- and also some handcuffs. Frederickson was smart enough not to run away, but that was the extent of his intellectual powers. As soon as the cop turned his back, Frederickson WENT BACK TO THE CAKE FOR MORE.

He was arrested and charged with resisting arrest and third-degree theft. Fair enough, if you ask me. But it begs the question -- what was in that cake? I've had my moments of eating cake with my bare hands. That said, it's typically cake I've made/bought myself and then frantically consumed in the privacy of my own kitchen ... or bathroom.

I can't imagine a cake delicious enough that I would risk jail-time for it. And that is saying something. My heart sank when I thought about the poor little birthday girl not getting her slice of heaven this year -- but fret not, a local grocery store stepped in and gave the girl a cake free of charge! Cake for everyone! Except for the jerk in the cell! Yay!

Do you think this dude stole the cake because he was hungry or just a jerk?


Image via Will Clayton/Flickr

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