Marine Arrested in Incest Sting Promised His Victims T-Shirts

There are certain careers that just contain higher standards for those in them than other careers. Police, doctors, clergy, military servicemen and servicewomen. (In the past, I would have included "politicians," but I think we've all given up on that!) I'm not saying that is fair, but it is what it is. These are people we trust with our lives. People we trust to defend us and our country. So it's natural that we want them to be stronger, wiser, and more moral than the rest of us. But, of course, they're just human. They get involved in the same messes many of us do.

But when they sink to something as low as child rape -- it just infuriates. Especially if they use their admired position to gain the trust of those they can exploit. I'm talking about a guy like Stephen Lewis. A Marine. A U.S. Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton. Who was arrested after he allegedly drove 400 miles to meet a father who was willing to let him rape his two young children.


Lewis was handcuffed after meeting up with the "father" -- who was actually an undercover agent -- who had agreed to let him have sex with his 12-year-old son and 11-year-old daughter. Because this is apparently the type of thing that goes on in certain websites, where all of this was allegedly arranged. (It's an incest sting because the "father" would have been involved in these horrible crimes too.)

During text message exchanges, the agent asked Lewis if he had any "fantasies" regarding his (non-existent) 11-year-old daughter. Lewis reportedly replied with very twisted things I won't recount here.

He also allegedly said he would buy masks for the children to wear so he could videotape their rape. The whole thing is sick and twisted, but what really gets you is that he offered to bring the kids "sex toys" and "Marine T-shirts."

Like these were "toys" they'd want!!

And T-shirts like they went on vacation??!!

Marine T-shirts, like something they would proudly wear. This guy is obviously deluded. No doubt what he did to them -- if they were real, which, thank goodness, they were not -- would make them despise the Marines forever!

These kids were not real, but plenty are.

Anyway, this is no slap in the face of Marines, you can find criminals in every career imaginable. But the fact that he is so proud of being a Marine just as he was about to blacken the very idea of what it is to be a Marine, that's soul crushing.

Ugh, what do you have to say about this?


Image via v1ctor Casale/Flickr

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