Murder Victim’s Family Says Her Accused Killer Deserved His Stroke

eric mccormick
Eric McCormick
If you believe in karma or divine intervention, here's a story for you. And if you don't, here's a story for you, too, because it will make you think twice about not believing in karma or divine intervention. A man accused of brutally murdering his ex-girlfriend after he sent her two children out with money to pick up take-out has recently suffered a stroke and is now brain dead because of it.

According to reports, Sellis Gonzalez's two daughters, ages 5 and 15, found their mother dead in a pool of blood on the floor of their apartment after they returned from getting food a few doors down. Eric McCormick, Sellis' ex-boyfriend, was accused of the horrific crime, and when cops banged on his door to arrest him, he futilely tried to kill himself. And now he's brain dead.


Now, odds of the stroke being in some way related to the graze wound McCormick suffered to the head after his attempted suicide are fairly high. But it's hard to believe, even if you're not a spiritual person, that this isn't in some way justice being served. If McCormick did commit this positively heinous act and left Sellis for dead when he knew her kids were going to be the ones to find her, death or jail was too easy a way out. Not only was an innocent woman robbed of her life, her two kids, one of which is also his, are ruined. Scarred for life. Could you imagine walking in to this gruesome scene as a child? No amount of therapy will ever be able to undo seeing this. These poor children.

Sellis' family is, understandably, happy with what's happened to McCormick. Her uncle told the New York Daily News: "Maybe God was more anxious than us to punish him. We’re fine with it. God worked it out." And even if you don't believe in god yourself, there's no denying that it's nice that this family feels they have some sort of closure. It won't bring Sellis back. But at least it's something.

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Image via NYPD

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