Noble Prisoner Calls 911 in the Middle of His Escape

vanBe honest: If you were locked up in prison and were given the perfect chance to escape with a few others, would you? Or would you phone 911 instead and tell them what's happening? If you answered the latter, you get a gold star. Also, you might be Joshua Silverman, who did this very exact thing, and passed up the opportunity for sweet, sweet freedom.

On Tuesday afternoon, a prison van was transporting 11 inmates from a jail in Oklahoma when two of the inmates complained of feeling ill. The guard who was driving pulled into a hospital and, for whatever reason, left the keys in the ignition while he escorted the sick prisoners into the hospital. Two of the men who remained in the running van decided it was the perfect opportunity to escape, so they hijacked the van.

But their plan was foiled, thanks to Silverman.


The two prisoners drove the van (with the other men still in it) about a mile away from the hospital, then decided to ditch the vehicle, fleeing by foot. At that point, Silverman called 911, and said: "Uh, yes, ma'am, you're probably not going to believe this, but I'm a prisoner in a van, and I'm here with a couple of these other cats. A couple of the guys that were in the van jacked the van ... at the hospital." Silverman then tried to explain their exact location, and he remained on the phone until cops arrived on the scene. The two escaped convicts remained at large for about five hours but were eventually found, mainly thanks to Silverman.

Guess this just goes to show you that prison works for some, and for others? Not so much. I'm sure on some level, Silverman's refusal to escape was motivated by fear (I mean, seriously, how far can a man in shackles get?), but at the same time, he didn't have to call 911 to help authorities find the men who escaped.

I'm sure Silverman's decision to call the police will come into play when deciding when he should be (legally) released from jail. And as for the other guys? Oof, that's gonna leave a mark on your record.

What do you think of this?


Image via Draco2008/Flickr

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