'Sextortion' Suspect Accused of Hacking Young Girls' Computers to Sneak Into Their Bedrooms

webcamAs if American parents needed another thing to worry about online, a man has been charged with hacking into teenage girls' computers, including the machine owned by Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf. The man was allegedly using their webcams to make compromising images and blackmailing them. Thousands of so-called sextortion photos were made without the girls' knowledge via their webcams!

Photos of teenagers. Young girls. Mere KIDS.

And then once he had them, cops say alleged sextortionist Jared James Abrahams, a computer science college student, would threaten the young girls with exposure unless they made more nude videos and images for him.


Abrahams is 19, but his alleged victims were often younger. One 17-year-old girl allegedly begged him to "have a heart" even as he forced her to strip down via Skype. His apparent response to pleas that she was just a kid?

Age doesn’t mean a thing to me.


Age doesn't mean a thing? Meaning he doesn't care who gets him off, as long as he gets off?

Meaning ... he's perfectly fine with hurting kids? Because teenagers are kids, right? Even when a man is only 19 ... younger women are still just ... kids?

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So far Abrahams has been charged with "cybercrimes," although the FBI is still sorting out the case. Hopefully that means there will be something done about a man who thinks it's OK to sneak into the bedrooms of kids -- albeit from behind a computer screen -- and make their private lives hell.

What do you think the punishment should be here?

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