Bomb-Throwing Beauty Queen Shows an Ugly Side

pageant tiaraWell THIS is not the kind of behavior we expect from our beauty queens. Utah teen pageant winner Kendra McKenzie Gill pled guilty for tossing homemade bottle bombs. The charge is officially "attempted possession of a chemical device." Kendra will have to pay a $500 fee and do 200 hours of community service, and then the charges will be dropped from her record. She also won't face federal charges as part of her plea bargain. So it's a good thing she entered that plea -- but wow, I bet her pageant days are over.


So here's what Kendra and a couple of friends had been up to. Basically they were driving around, throwing plastic water bottles filled with toilet bowl cleaner, which reacted to the aluminum foil inside, into people's yards. I guess it's the geeky science project version of driving by and shooting up people's mailboxes. No one was harmed by the prank, but imagine if a toddler had been hiding behind the shrubs at the last minute.

This same young lady had just won a $2,000 scholarship from a beauty pageant, partly because of her performance of a Scott Joplin piano piece. Now she could have her title revoked. And she may never get to compete in a Miss Utah or Miss America pageant -- you have to have a clean criminal record to compete.

Aren't these pagent girls supposed to be exemplary or something? Aren't they supposed to be so busy training they have no time for such mischief? I can see how the pressure might make you want to goof off, but this is too much. What a total disregard for the safety of others. Not to mention, now I want to make jokes about being a bombshell -- oh never mind. I'm not going there! (In writing, anyway...) Mostly it's just sad Kendra isn't as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. AWW! Did I make you throw up a little in your mouth? Sorry, I had to say it.

Are you surprised that a pageant winner would behave this way?


Image via Jim, the Photographer/Flickr


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