Missing Toddler Ayla Reynolds' Mom Puts Dad in Uncomfortable Position

Justin DiPietroThe father of missing toddler Ayla Reynolds got his day in court this week. Justin DiPietro was sentenced on Wednesday to four days in jail for violating conditions of his release related to an assault charge that was dismissed. Meanwhile he walked out of court a free man, and right into the crosshairs of the missing toddler's mom, Trista Reynolds.

Trista confronted Justin while a crowd screamed "where's Ayla" and called the father of her daughter, the last person to see the little girl alive before she disappeared in December 2011, a murderer. She wants answers.

But what about dad?


He apparently walked away from Trista and the crowd without a word.

We haven't heard much more from Justin.

Trista Reynolds has spearheaded the campaign to find out what happened to her little girl back when she was in rehab, and her ex-boyfriend was supposed to be caring for the child? This week released horrifying information about blood found pretty much everywhere in DiPietro's home.

She wants him arrested, and I can't blame her.

DiPietro, upstanding citizen that he is, says he's innocent. Of course.

And maybe he is. It's not fair to convict in the court of public opinion.

But does anyone else find it odd that he hasn't done a thing to help his own reputation? That mom is all alone out here? She's doing all the heavy lifting to try to force the cops to get cracking on her daughter's case and dad is ... what? Getting himself into legal trouble?

How about getting out on the streets with Trista? Demanding justice for his little girl?

Unless he wants us to think that Trista is right ... Justin better do something to show that his little girl means something to him.

What do you think of the way Ayla's mom is attacking her dad? Is it fair?


Image via Cumberland County Jail

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