NY Mall Shooting Happens Eerily Close to Kenya Massacre, Leaving People Seriously Concerned

mallWith the mall shooting in Kenya still fresh in everyone's mind, another shooting -- yes, in a mall -- has happened. On Wednesday, a gunman opened fire near a Long Island mall, shooting two people, one fatally. The suspect is believed to be a man named Sang Ho Kim, and it's thought that this was not intended to be a shooting rampage, but instead an isolated incident. According to reports, Kim entered Save Energy, a lighting fixture store he used to work at, walked into the back office where the owner and an employee were, and opened fire, killing the employee and wounding the owner.


There appears to be no link to the shootings in the Kenya mall and the one in Long Island, but it is oddly coincidental that two shootings -- in two malls -- happened within the span of less than a week. Kim, who sounds like an unwell, disgruntled employed, may have been planning this since he and Save Energy parted ways, or he could have gotten the idea from the news. We've all seen crimes inspired by other crimes before, and this, sadly, could be one of them.

I think it's safe to say that in the next few weeks, perhaps months, people will be a little on edge when deciding to go to a mall. When two or more tragic things happen in the same type of setting, everyone, naturally, begins wondering: Could this happen to me? Should I not got there? Will this become a trend?

Hopefully, this is the last mall shooting we'll hear about for a long time, but until some time has passed, I think many people will think twice before going to one. Thoughts and prayers to all the victims' loved ones.

What do you think of this? Do you feel that malls are unsafe?


Image via indraneel/Flickr

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