Missing Ayla Reynolds' Mom Had No Choice But to Share Horrifying Details of Daughter's Case

Ayla Reynolds

For a month now, the mother of missing Maine toddler Ayla Reynolds has been threatening to release disturbing details from the scene of her daughter's disappearance. Now the time has come. This week Trista Reynolds shared never-before-heard details about her ex-boyfriend Justin DiPietro's home and what police found when they were first searching for her missing baby girl. And from the sounds of it, there should be a series of arrests being made ... immediately.

Because 21 months ago, cops found a little girl's blood. Everywhere.


Literally. Everywhere.

According to the information Trista said she got straight from the cops back in January, Ayla's blood was found on a fan cord in her father's (DiPietro) basement. A "fist size" stain of her blood was allegedly found on Justin's mattress. There was allegedly blood in her carseat, on a doll, on the sofa, in Justin's sneakers, on a plastic tote in the basement, on a sheet, on the floor and walls, on a wood pallet in the basement, even on her pink princess slippers.

Is it any wonder Trista Reynolds is demanding her ex-boyfriend's head on a platter? Along with the folks who were there the last night her daughter was seen, way back in December 2011?

Something horrible happened. And someone knows about it.

That much blood, folks, isn't likely to have come from some little cut. Even head wounds -- which every parent knows bleed in often scary amounts -- aren't likely to spread that much blood to that many places.

So why hasn't anyone been arrested?

Why is this case still sitting out there?

In case you doubt the veracity of Trista Reynolds' claims, the cops aren't denying the details of Ayla's case. They aren't confirming it, but a spokesman also said specifically that they aren't "refuting" this horrifying evidence.

I feel for the cops; I really do. You can't take a case to court until it's rock solid. You don't want to risk losing a chance to prosecute because you don't make your case.

But 21 months have gone by, this woman hasn't seen her child, and she's got to live with these horrors they've shared with her every day ... while she doesn't see any action. Releasing this information may make it harder on the cops, but they aren't giving her much choice in the matter. She wants justice for her child!

Right now she's becoming the squeaky wheel hoping to get some grease, and they need to do something. Make an arrest, if they can. And if they can't, then explain to her WHY NOT. Give her something!

Because she's not going away, and from the sounds of it, I can't blame her.

What do you think of Trista's decision to release this information? Are the cops being fair to her?


Image via United 4 Ayla

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