Missing 16-Year-Old Suspected of Murdering Mom & 9-Year-Old Brother

Adrian Navarro-CanalesOne of the two children thought to have been killed in a brutal stabbing spree that also claimed the life of their mother is alive. But it's not exactly good news. Cops now say missing 16-year-old Adrian Navarro-Canales -- who just turned 16 the day before his mother and little brother were killed -- is a teenage murderer

When cops first found his mom, Elvira Canales-Gomez, and his 9-year-old brother, Cesar Navarro, dead in their Nevada home, the teenager was missing and thought to be hurt himself. An investigation revealed him instead to be a suspect. An international manhunt is now on to find Adrian and bring him to justice. When (if?) he's found, the teen is expected to face charges as an adult. 

A 16-year-old. A freshly turned 16-year-old at that.


This is the world we're living in folks.

We should be celebrating that a child thought dead is actually alive. Instead we're on pins and needles, hoping the cops nail him.

Because that's what you're thinking, right? That having a suspected killer on the loose isn't good for anyone? That a 16-year-old who allegedly stabbed his own mother and little brother, then lived with their bodies, possibly for a few days, needs to be in metal handcuffs, like, now? For the sake of everyone else?

How quickly childhood disappears.

I don't want to believe that a child could be capable of something so heinous, but the fact is, a 16-year-old can be charged as an adult. A 16-year-old well could do something this disgusting. And in Nevada, it seems a 16-year-old might well have done it.

The teen's father, Adrian Navarro Soto-Mayor, has put out a plea for his son to give himself up to police. Hopefully there's at least a piece of child left in this boy ... a piece that will listen to his father.

Do you consider 16 to be a child or an adult? Does this change it for you?


Image via police

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