Tenants' Offer to Babysit Autistic Boy for Single Mom Turns Into Disgusting Abuse Case

Melissa Nicole JonesThere's an old saying about how no man is an island. It means we all have to reach out sometimes, depend on other people. But for one single mom of two from Georgia, reaching out in a family crisis turned into a nightmare. Her neighbors, her tenants, have been arrested, accused of raping her autistic 10-year-old son, while they were babysitting the boy. 

The mother, whose full name is being withheld to protect the identity of her child as he is the victim of sexual assault, is obviously distraught. And from the sounds of it, she's blaming herself for leaving her autistic 10-year-old with Melissa Nicole Jones and Matthew Wilson Freethy-Swimm, the couple accused of sexually assaulting him.


But she shouldn't. She was a mom just doing what she had to do, split between her two kids as one needed to go to the doctor and the other needed a sitter. How was she to know these people who were offering to be good Samaritans to a mom in need were wolves in sheep's clothing?

The sad reality of life is: anyone could be a monster. The worst ones often tend to be the best at hiding their inner demons.

It isn't this mom's fault, and anyone who thinks so is ridiculous. We all have emergencies in life, and single mom or not, we all have times when we need to reach out and blindly trust others because we have no darn choice.

The important thing is that the people we are trusting recognize the import of what we're asking of them and rise to the occasion.

According to the charges, Melissa Nicole Jones and Matthew Wilson Freethy-Swimm did not rise to the occasion when their landlord asked them to watch her 10-year-old so she could deal with an emergency with her other child. They fell.

Police have charged the couple both with felony statutory rape and child molestation. The man was additionally charged with aggravated assault and the woman with sexual battery. The man allegedly held a knife to the poor boy's throat while Melissa allegedly sexually abused the child. They're accused of later bragging about taking the boy's "virginity."

They are being held in jail without bail and face substantial time in prison if convicted. Meanwhile this mom and her two boys have to pick up the pieces, try to get their lives back, to try to learn to trust other people again. Hopefully the monsters being sent away will help ... will remind this mom that it's not her fault that this happened; it's theirs.

Have you ever had to trust someone on blind faith? What happened?


Image via police

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