Mom Sentenced for Condoning 9/11 with 3-Year-Old's Incredibly Offensive Shirt

A French woman was fined and sentenced to a suspended jail sentence on Friday, for sending her three-year-old son named Jihad to preschool in an offensive shirt given to him by his uncle. It read “Jihad, Born September 11, I am a bomb.”

Bouchra Bagour and her brother Zeyad were found guilty of condoning a criminal act, as the shirt obviously recalled al Qaeda’s terrorist act in 2001 that brought down the World Trade Center towers and killed nearly 3,000 innocent people.


The whole thing ended up in court because the nursery school workers where poor little Jihad (he didn’t pick his name … or his family members … or his clothes) attended were so understandably upset that they got local officials involved. The mom was fined 2,000 euros, and sentenced to a year in jail, and double that for the uncle.

Just … why?? What could they possibly have been trying to achieve with this stunt other than disturbing everyone’s peace? And this kid! How did he feel to have every adult stare at him in shock, horror, and disbelief? It must have been at least disconcerting, if not terrifying for this little boy to be gawked at by his caregivers. He doesn’t know that what mom did was wrong and downright scary.

Best-case scenario, this was a very misguided attempt at humor, but even so I say the sentencing still fits. 9/11 is nothing to joke about and nothing to make light of, and if you don’t have the common decency to respect the memory of the thousands of people that were murdered by jihad that day, then maybe a little jail time is a good idea. Like an adult version of "go to your room and think about what you’ve done!"

I just hope this kid isn’t too affected by his mother’s lack of judgment. Moms are supposed to teach their kids how to behave and interact with other people, and with role models like this kid has, he’s likely got a long road ahead of him.

Do you think there's any excuse for this?


Image via The.Comedian/Flickr

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