Twist in JonBenet Ramsey Case Tortures Her Family All Over Again

JonBenet Ramsey JonBenet Ramsey has been dead nearly 17 years now. The 6-year-old pageant queen was found in her Colorado home way back in 1996. So why the heck are reporters making a big deal about a grand jury indictment in the child's case now? Suing to get their hands on it? Haven't this girl's parents had enough?

The lawsuit filed against Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett comes from a press advocacy group and a Boulder Daily Camera reporter. It alleges at least two members of the grand jury voted to indict Patsy and John Ramsey, JonBenet's parents, and that the public has a right to know

But as we all do know, the Ramseys were never indicted. They were never taken to trial. So why now?


The reporter in me wants to side with the plaintiffs in this case. This case clearly has a public interest, and opening a sealed indictment would seem fitting in terms of governmental transparency.

But then there's the human in me that wonders, when is enough enough? When do we let private matters stay private? When is it not enough that we're "interested" to justify a free press?

Patsy Ramsey is dead; she died nearly 10 years after her daughter, felled by ovarian cancer. Opening up an indictment, proving that then-DA Alex Hunter refused to sign off on it, won't suddenly get her arrested.

As for John Ramsey, let's face it, it's been 17 years, and the man seems miserable. He pops up in the media every few years, and he's clearly haunted by his daughter's death. 

Wouldn't you be?

Let's say he did it. This is purely conjecture -- I'm not accusing anyone here. But let's just say he did. He doesn't act like a man who is pleased as punch to have gotten away with it. He's had his own punishment of sorts, whether he deserved it or not.

Not to mention outing the indictment won't change a thing. We've already heard the DA refused to move forward because there wasn't enough evidence in the case. And, news flash y'all, you actually need evidence to get a court of law to convict someone. Getting this indictment out in the open won't magically make that evidence appear.

So I ask again: what's the point?

Why are these parents, well, this parent, being subjected to this torture all over again? Just to meet our country's insatiable appetite for salacious gossip?

What do you think? Should the indictment be forced out into the open or be left alone?


Image via Barry Williams/Getty Images

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