Brother Lies to Police About Shooting His Sister Because His Dad Told Him To

shotgunGood parents do their best to teach their children that lying is not a good thing. Fred Maphis, a Wisconsin man, is making headlines today for actually encouraging his son to fib. Not just about stealing someone's lunch money or not brushing his teeth though. Maphis is accused of telling his 6-year-old son to lie to police about shooting his sister in the face with a shotgun. What Maphis's son said happened? The gun "accidentally" went off when he dropped it. The truth? The 6-year-old had the gun aimed at his sister and pulled the trigger.

... This. Is. Frightening.

Was it an accident? Well, sort of. The boy told police that his 4-year-old sister wanted him to aim the shotgun at her, with her father nearby, but he "accidentally" aimed it too close to her ear. Thankfully, the girl's injuries were not life-threatening, but dear GOD -- get these children away from their father.


My thought process is that the father didn't want to seem like a bad parent (too late, buddy) and he thought that lying to the police would make the whole incident seem less harsh. Regardless, it happened and now the family has to deal with the repercussions. The important things in play here are A) making sure the daughter gets the right medical treatment, and B) making sure something like this NEVER happens again.

The fact that Maphis "forgot" to unload and secure the shotgun is crazy. How could you forget something that is so dangerous around your kids? I just can't even imagine, if the bullet went a tad bit more in the other direction, how he would ever be able to forgive himself for possibly killing his only daughter.

Maphis was charged Monday with leaving a loaded firearm near a child and obstructing an officer by telling his son to lie about the incident.

Can you believe this!?


Image via Madhousephotography/Flickr

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