Serial Killer's Grisly Confession Comes With Offer to 'Help' Girls He Killed

Green River Killer Gary RidgwayFinally nailing the so-called Green River Killer was supposed to be a coup for cops. Gary Ridgway has been sitting in prison since he confessed to 48 murders in 2003. His confession helped him avoid the death penalty, but now he's got another equally shocking confession.

Hold on to your hats and grab some tissues; it's a heartbreaker. The Green River Killer says he didn't kill 48 women and teenagers. He didn't kill 49 women and teenagers (another body was found in 2011). He killed a whole lot more.





As many as 80 of them.

At least, that's what Ridgway is saying now. The Green River Killer has almost doubled the number of murders he copped to, when prosecutors took the death penalty off the table.

Now he claims he wants to help find all those bodies, to help give closure to the families.


A serial killer who wants to HELP us?

And I've got a bridge in Brooklyn, real cheap, y'all. Real cheap.

Maybe Ridgway will help some families get closure in this. Or maybe he'll just giggle wickedly as he sends police on a wild goose chase. Who knows.

If he really did kill 80 some women, it's a sobering reminder of the precarious position prosecutors are put in when they're trying a case. This plea deal got a monster off the streets. It gave closure to 48 families, to parents like those of young Colleen Brockman or Carrie Rois, both of whom were only 15 when they were murdered by Ridgway.

But what about the others?

The prosecutors had to get this guy off the streets so he didn't kill again -- and despite taking the death penalty off the table, there's no chance he'll see the light of day again. But they had to do it with what they had available at the time, to take his word on the 48 crimes.

It's easy to criticize the police and the prosecution from the outside, but this is their day-to-day. They have to make the best bet based on some really crappy hands. I know I don't envy the position they were in then, and I certainly don't envy the one the Green River Killer has put them in now.

Now they have to take his word if they want to give closure to more families, to find more bodies, probably more innocent kids. They have to trust a serial killer.

What do you think police should do here? Do you think he's telling the truth?


Image via police

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