[UPDATE] Teen Girl Abducted From Home as Mother Helplessly Watches (VIDEO)

Imagine being home sleeping in your own bed, your two children and your dog safe and sound, when suddenly two armed men break in and shatter your entire world. They want money and jewelry. When you explain that you don't have any, they shoot your dog and kidnap your 14-year-old daughter. This is the horrific scenario being faced by the mom of Ayvani Hope Perez. The men, whom the family did not know, reportedly took the girl from the safe confines of her Atlanta, Georgia home and, unbearably, the young girl is still missing.


Reportedly, the suspects pried open a back door at about 2 a.m. Tuesday morning and entered the home. The mom says she tried to hide her children and dog from the intruders, but that the men found them and killed their dog, and then snatched the teen after their demands for money and jewelry were not met.

Sketches of the men, who are both described as African-American, have been released. The girl was last seen being driven off in a gray Dodge.

Ayvani is a small girl at 4 feet, 9 inches tall, and she was wearing Star Wars pajama bottoms when she was taken. 

The mom must now be in a state of utter terror. She has no idea where her daughter is and who took her or what is happening to her. Ayvani herself must be terror-stricken.

Hopefully, the men will find some small particle of humanity within themselves and release Ayvani unharmed. It's not too late.

Update: There are conflicting reports, but many are saying that Ayvani has contacted her family and is being held for $10,000 ransom. The family has reportedly sent the money to the kidnappers and is awaiting the outcome. If true, it must be an enormous relief to her family to know that she is alive.

Update: Ayvani has been rescued and returned to her family.

Images via Atlanta Journal-Constitution/Atlanta Police

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