Man Arrested in Disturbing White House Incident Just Hours After Navy Yard Shooting (VIDEO)

police guarding white house after firecrackers were thrown september 16, 2013Just hours after the disturbing, massive shooting at the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C., police arrested a man accused of throwing two firecrackers over a fence near the White House North Lawn last night. The man was identified as Alexander Sahagian, believed to be 52 years old. He was transported to a nearby police station and will likely be charged with illegally throwing a projectile, according to Secret Service spokesman George Ogilvie.

An eyewitness named Clark Cashion -- a junior at Pepperdine University spending the semester in D.C. -- described the fireworks as having about a three-second fuse and being slightly larger than cherry bombs. “They didn’t produce any fire, but a lot of smoke.” Meanwhile, officials told NBC News it was not clear why the man was using the fireworks, but that he was not considered a threat. Hmmm, still, what the ...!? Especially given the timing ...


Occurring on the same day as a man identified as Navy reservist Aaron Alexis killed at least 12 people just miles from the White House, this incident looks and feels even more suspicious than it would on any other day. (And of course, on any other day, a firecracker seemingly being launched at the White House would raise some serious red flags!)

Even though it seems to be getting dismissed as no big -- well, at least major -- deal, it definitely looked and felt like an act of domestic terrorism at first blush. So all we can say is thank goodness law enforcement responded as quickly and effectively as they did ... because who knows what sort of threat could have been at hand here? 

Here's another eyewitness's report on what he saw happen ...


Does this incident unnerve you?

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