Police Raid Day Care & Find Crack In Craziest Place Imaginable

They were entrusted with the care of more than a dozen children every morning and filled their cozy day care center with books, toys, and games.

But the couple who operated the Fun World Childcare day care center in the Bronx should have added security safe to their list of work expenses. The two were busted Wednesday for allegedly stashing more than $300,000 worth of drugs and cash in areas so obvious even a two-year-old could get their hands on them. 


Johanna Vasquez and her husband Gregorio Hanley were arrested after cops raided the day care and said they found 300 grams of cocaine hidden in a blue Hot Wheels lunch bag in the fridge, 150 grams of crack-cocaine, 1,000 oxycodone pills, and $20,000 stashed in a kitchen cabinet. Police said they also discovered a loaded 9 mm pistol at a stash apartment across the street that the couple had access to. 

Making matters even more nuts, the couple lived on the same floor as the day care with their two sons, ages 6 and 3. So not only were they unconcerned with the welfare of the 15 children who attended their day care, they were totally fine with leaving drugs in unlocked spots like refrigerators, where even their own toddler could easily access them. 

And here's a scary fact: Fun World Childcare was a fully licensed operation. These two followed every legal step necessary so they could then take poor parents' money and provide in return a dangerous environment where their children could have accidentally overdosed on oxycodone or been present during an armed robbery -- or way worse. 

Judging by the photos of Fun World Childcare, the day care looked like any other, filled with colorful toys, posters, and books. So it's easy to see why parents wouldn't have been the wiser about this horrible discovery. I can't imagine how difficult it will be for them to put their trust in another day care operator.

At the very least they can feel good about the charges these two incredibly untrustworthy people face: in addition to being accused of selling and possessing a controlled substance, they are charged with endangering the welfare of a child

Thank goodness no child was hurt while under the watch of these two nutjobs.

Do you think the criteria for running a day care is strict enough? 


Image Via Department of Justice 

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