Man Arrested for Defacing 9/11 Memorial With Despicable 'Art'

salvador perez 9/11 defaced memorialWith yesterday being the 12th anniversary of 9/11, most Americans were reflecting in a somber, personal way, remembering the victims, and recalling where they were on that day that changed a city and a country forever. But one man named Salvador Perez allegedly decided to mark the occasion by defacing a Louisiana memorial meant to honor the victims.

Police have arrested Perez, who is accused of placing two cardboard cutout, pop art images of crashing planes at the 9/11 Memorial in downtown Lafayette. A cutout of President George W. Bush with a wad of cash in his hand and a remote control was placed near the memorial, as well as a cartoon squirrel on top of the roof of a building across the street, appearing to be pointing a gun at the monument, according to the local news station KETK. What in the world ...?

As if this doesn't sound outrageous and crazy enough, just wait, because somehow, it gets weirder ...


The stabilizers on the cartoon planes featured the Eye of Providence and the initials NWO, which stand for New World Order ... a reference to a fringe conspiracy theory that the attacks of 9/11 were carried out by the American government, according to The Daily Mail. So it seems safe to speculate that Perez may have been attempting to make a statement about government, politics, what really happened behind-the-scenes leading up to 9/11, etc. in a very Jesse Ventura-ish way. But he obviously went way too far.

I'm all about constantly, responsibly questioning our government and researching history to learn more about the present. That's one of our most treasured freedoms as Americans! But there's doing that and then, there's coming off like a lunatic, doing something that makes people more upset and angry than intellectually curious. And what Perez is accused of doing was the latter, no questions asked!

Understandably, those in the community and local firefighters are outraged, calling what happened a disgrace ... And while law enforcement can't conclusively say what Perez's motive was, he's been charged with criminal damage to a historic building and criminal trespassing. Ugh ... so disturbing. Hopefully, police are able to get to the bottom of it and sentence Perez and/or whoever is responsible for this in a fitting way.

How does what happened here make you feel?

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