Neighbor Who Shot Family's Puppy in Front of Kids Goes Unpunished

puppyA family in Ohio is grieving the loss of their puppy after the little guy was shot and killed by a troubled neighbor. The puppy, Polly, was only 8 months old when she was killed by 68-year-old Charles Zimmerman. He shot the dog as it ran through his property.

The family is still in shock. Particularly their two sons who witnessed the crime. Losing a pet is always hard. Having your pet murdered in front of you is horrific beyond imagining.


Why Zimmerman killed the dog is not presently known. The dog's owner, mom Misty Smith, remarked that Zimmerman frequently called Polly over to his driveway against the family's wishes. What caused Zimmerman to snap so quickly is still unanswered. There is one thing Misty and her family are sure of -- Zimmerman should sent away for a long time.

While a report had been filed last month with the city regarding Polly not being kept on a leash, that doesn't begin to excuse Zimmerman for this horrific crime. Zimmerman, a Vietnam War vet, is still living next-door to the family. Smith says she can't imagine ever owning a dog again while he remains in residence. She was also shocked at the way the legal system has failed her family:

How do you control the rage that builds inside as you hold your 2 babies all night because every time they close their eyes they see a man they called friend with a gun as he murders their beloved pet. If he had shown them porn he'd be locked up right now, but he can murder their beloved pet without remorse and walk around like nothing.

Smith's call for action is completely valid. The psychological trauma and very real fear her children experienced is proof alone that Zimmerman should be sent to prison for a long, long time. Another factor worth considering is Zimmerman's mental state. At the very least, treatment for his obvious psychological problems should be made mandatory.

Do you think crimes against animals should be taken more seriously?

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