Murdered 12-Year-Old Autumn Pasquale's Killer Sentenced But It's Not Good News for Her Family

autumn pasqualeA guilty plea from the killer of your daughter should bring peace to parents. But for the parents of Autumn Pasquale, the 12-year-old New Jersey girl murdered last year, the sentence of their daughter's killer brings more questions than answers. What about the other alleged murderer?

Police arrested two teenagers, a set of brothers, last year, alleging that they worked in concert to strangle her and dump her body in a recycling bin. But today only Justin Robinson was sentenced to 17 years in prison for aggravated manslaughter. And Autumn's friends and family are not happy.


Justin was able to get just 17 years because he made a deal with prosecutors to say that he and he alone killed Autumn.

That puts him behind bars.

But what about his brother? What about the other Robinson kid arrested and charged with killing this girl after their mother turned them in?

His case is working its way through the juvenile courts, but today a judge essentially accepted that Justin was the only killer.

But come on folks, 1 + 1 = 2. If one person says they did it all by themselves, you can't say the other person did it too.

How can they possibly proceed with a case against this other alleged killer? Didn't his brother just give him a get out of jail free card?

It's possible, of course, that Justin was the only person who did the deed. But for a family that has been sitting here with two people in the police crosshairs, expecting two people to be punished, this situation isn't untenable. 

What do you think of the sentencing today?


Image via police

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