Firefighters Robbed of Precious Possessions While Out Risking Their Lives in a Fire (VIDEO)

firefighters gearMaybe it's silly to think that thieves actually have a conscience, but you would think there are certain places and people just about anyone would want to avoid robbing. Guess not considering a fire station in the Bay area, California was burglarized earlier this week while fire crews were out battling a raging fire near Mount Diablo. Ughh! 

The thief made their way into the station and took iPads, watches, cash, and even two wedding rings while crews were spending 24 hours protecting at least 100 structures threatened by the fire, which had grown to 3,200 acres and was 70 percent contained as of Wednesday, said Contra Costa County Fire Protection District spokesman Steve Aubert. So crazy!


As you can imagine, the firefighters who returned to find their valuables missing were shocked and dismayed ... But they were also angry. And geeze, who could blame 'em?! I'm angry! There's no excuse for burglary in any case, but come on -- to target firefighters, who are serving their communities and trying to protect and save lives? That's just plain twisted.

As firefighter Judon Cherry, who has been married for 20 years and returned to the firehouse to find his wedding ring missing, said:

Are you serious? Somebody actually came into the fire station and stole from us after we helped people? It's devastating.

No kidding! I mean ... stealing money, sure, that's obvious. An iPad -- okay, understandable, and even so much more replaceable than a wedding ring, an item with likely far more sentimental than cash value!

Thankfully, police vow that they're investigating the incident and will track down whoever did this. In the meantime, though, Cherry notes that the fire station is going to have to step up their security like never before. It's disheartening and galling to say the least ... 

Here's the local news report:



What do you think about what happened here? Shocked, appalled, or unsurprised?


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