Woman Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Infant Says She Really Is a 'Great' Person

When you think of a "great person," you think of, say, Gandhi. Or Jesus. Or Martin Luther King, Jr. Or maybe your mom. You don't, in general, think of a woman who was arrested for sexually assaulting a 1-year-old child. And watching your boyfriend sexually assault the infant too. And videotaping the whole thing. Nope, call me cray, but "great" is not the adjective that comes to mind with people like this. Unless you are that person! Then, you know, you think you're great. Errkay. Stevie Foehl, who is accused of the aforementioned atrocity, describes herself as a "great person" in an interview with a Grand Rapids, Michigan TV station. Talk about delusional. And sociopathic.


Foehl, in a jail house interview in which he admitted to the assault, said:

I'm a great person and hopefully one day everybody will be able to forgive me, like some people already have. I don't know. It happened.

Asked if there was a reason she and her boyfriend, Michael Emory, did this heinous act, she replied:

Probably not. Not one that should be on the news. l don't know what happened. It just happened.

She then goes on to claim that she didn't hurt baby, saying:

Nothing we did hurt her. Nothing physically hurt her.

I guess this is because she claims the baby wasn't penetrated. But whatever they did (authorities won't elaborate), it was bad enough to get them arrested, and bad enough that the woman admits she may have caused the child "emotional trauma." Police, however, describe the baby as being "raped multiple times."

As for her boyfriend, he too is great. She told the TV station:

He's a great person. He may have made some mistakes but he is who he is, and I hope that one day people can forgive him.

Foehl obviously has major problems, perhaps exacerbated (notice I don't say "caused") by a childhood trauma. But it's a bit much for her to describe herself and her boyfriend as great people. Sounds like someone with narcissistic personality disorder. Remember how Ariel Castro claimed that the house where he held three women captive for a decade was "harmonious" and said that he was a good person?

On the plus side, Foehl says she is fully committed to going to prison. So let's give her half a point for that.

Why on earth would she describe herself this way?


Image via WOODTV

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