Newlywed Wife Charged With Pushing Husband Off Cliff One Week After Wedding

Jordan Linn Graham was charged with fatally pushing her husband of one week off a cliff in Glacier National Park after the two engaged in a heated argument. Friends say that weeks before their wedding, the 22-year-old Montana native admitted she was having second thoughts about marrying Cody Lee Johnson, 25, and was contemplating calling the whole affair off. 

According to Graham, the couple were caught up in a battle of words while standing on the cliff at the park back on July 7 when the young bride tried to turn around and walk away. She claims Johnson then grabbed her arm. This was when Graham allegedly turned back around to face him, removed his hands from her, and pushed Johnson with both hands in the back so that he fell face first down the cliff.

And if that sounds odd, the details of the case get even murkier.


Some of the details released -- the claim that Johnson grabbed Graham at the cliff, for example, or the snippet of a text exchange she had with a friend, in which she reportedly wrote, "But dead serious, if u don't hear from me at all again tonight, something happened" after confiding she was going to break it off with him that night -- seem to add up to a self defense claim, but Graham's actions after Johnson's death could be construed as contrived or calculated.

Park officials say the day after the incident, Graham reported that she thought she saw her husband's body in the park. 

Super weird.

According to the Daily Mail, she then took to Instagram (her account has since been removed) just days afterward to post a photo from their wedding day with the caption:

Miss you so much Cody! Not a day will go by where I don't think about you!! You will live on in my heart forever!! I know you're in a better place now looking down on me!! You're my angel!! Love you with all my heart and soul!! See you again one day!!!

These words wouldn't sound odd from a wife in despair if Graham didn't then change her story. Authorities say when Graham was interviewed by police on July 16, she denied knowing anything about her husband's death and later told investigators he left their house on July 17 with unidentified friends in a dark-colored car. "Unidentified friends"?

There sure are a lot of weird holes in this story and things that need to be explained. Obviously, no one knows what happened that day except for Graham and Johnson, but Graham does have some serious questions to answer about this sad tragedy that surely affected the lives of many. 

Still I wonder, if she really did kill her husband, what would drive this young woman to do it? What do you think? 


Image Via Esther Lee/Flickr

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