Toddler Elaina Steinfurth's Remains Likely Moved After Cops Searched Her Mom's House

missing girl Elaina SteinfurthWhen news came out the other day that human remains had been found in the home missing Ohio toddler Elaina Steinfurth shared with her mom and mom's boyfriend, I think we all had the same question. Why now? Why didn't police find that box back in June, when baby Elaina went missing? They've been searching for the toddler for months now; surely they could have found this sooner?

It seems the answer could result in even more criminal charges.


Cops say the body was found inside a box that was behind other containers and piles of trash in a detached garage on the property Elaina's mom, Angela Mories Steinfurth, shared with her boyfriend, Steven King, property King owned. An autopsy performed last week was inconclusive, and DNA identification is expected to take several weeks, but police say they "think" the body belongs to Elaina.

So why now?

Well, according to Angela's stepfather, Richard Schiewe, the body was moved. Schiewe, who has pretty much said from the get-go that he thinks his granddaughter is dead, said he was there when police first searched the garage, and there was no box in the rafters.

That explains why police didn't find it; it wasn't their ineptitude. But are you thinking what I'm thinking? Someone tampered with evidence here.

We don't know right now if the human remains are Elaina or -- if they are -- how she died. So we can't say whether there should be murder charges.

But for the body to have suddenly appeared where it wasn't? That means someone was purposely trying to hide it from police.

It makes it hard to believe natural causes could be the cause for the death, for one. It also points to someone making it that much harder for the police to get to the bottom of this and give poor Elaina's father and his family the answers they so desperately need. It's like a sick game being played with their heads, and with this body, which deserves so much better.

Whatever happens next, someone needs to be hit with charges for this.

What do you make of the body being moved? Is someone playing games with this family?


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