Kindergarten Teacher Beat Up by Student's Enraged Mom

kindergarten classroomThere are protective parents, and then there are moms like Simone Baker, who allegedly brutally assaulted her son's kindergarten teacher last week. According to reports, the 24-year-old mother was upset about a scratch on her son she believed happened when his teacher was disciplining him. So she charged up to Truman Elementary School in Kansas City to handle the matter herself ... in a very personal manner.

According to the Kansas City Star, Baker, who has since been charged with assault, called the school to complain, and told the principal she was heading that way. The principal told her not to come, but it did little good, and Baker was in the classroom before anyone could stop her.

"You better not touch my kid again," she reportedly said upon entering the classroom. Then things got really ugly.


According to police reports obtained by the paper, Baker "ran behind the desk where the teacher was seated and hit her five to 10 times in the face while holding the teacher’s arm to her side. She then grabbed the teacher by her hair, pulled her out of her chair and slammed her head against a file cabinet twice before running out of the classroom and leaving the building."

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All this in a kindergarten classroom. Thank God, school was out for the day, and no children were present. The teacher was taken to the hospital and released, so at least she doesn't appear to have suffered any serious physical injuries. Still, it's horrifying to think of this happening in a school. 

There are times when I understand a parent's rage that leads to violence against someone -- like the recent case of the dad who beat his 5-year-old daughter's rapist to death -- but for something like a scratch, this sounds like a major overreaction ... to say the least.

While this is an extreme case, teachers being victimized by parents isn't as rare as we might hope. The paper cited a 2010 survey that said about 50 percent of the 4,700 teacher participants reported some type of victimization (including obscene remarks and gestures, verbal threats and physical attacks) within the previous year, with about 18 percent of the incidents involving parents. How truly sad.

Have you ever seen a parent attack a teacher -- verbally or physically?


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