Frightening Details Emerge in Vanderbilt Student Rape Case

vanderbiltIt's a college sexual assault case that has been under investigation since June. A female Vanderbilt University student claims she was raped in an incident involving four of the school's star football players. Since, the men have been suspended and indicted for the alleged crime. Now, however, new details of exactly what may have happened to the woman have come to light and they are more disturbing than many imagined.


During a date to a local bar with Brandon Vandenburg, a recent transfer student, the young woman became so inebriated, she passed out. Vandenburg then allegedly carried her to his room and had sex with her while teammates Corey Batey, Jaborian McKenzie, and Brandon Banks watched. The victim reportedly had no idea what had happened to her until photos and video emerged of the alleged attack.

Now the investigation has revealed that they may have also used foreign objects to penetrate her; and that the players kicked though a security door and covered hallway surveillance cameras with a towel to cover up what they had done. Another crazy allegation: coach James Frank may have instructed one of them erase the recording they made of the unconscious woman being raped. Frank has denied this. Another teammate, Chris Boyd, has not been charged with accessory after the fact for allegedly helping them cover up the sexual assault.

It's just a horrible, senseless tragedy that has ruined many young lives.

Are you shocked by the new details of this case?

Image via Tom Hart/Flickr

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