Lincoln Memorial Has Become the Scene of a Really Creepy Crime

lincoln memorialThe Lincoln Memorial has been the backdrop to a lot of amazing events throughout history. Presidents have spoken there. It was the setting for Martin Luther King, Jr's famous "I Have a Dream" speech. Great movies have been shot there. Now, however, it's the scene of an incredibly perverted crime.


U.S. Park Police arrested a man who they say used a telephoto lens to shoot up the skirts of unsuspecting women sitting on the steps leading up the famous statue. Christopher Hunt Cleveland was caught allegedly snapping photos of women wearing dresses who were seated above him. Ugh. So creepy.

When cops approached him, he walked away, trying to remove the memory card. He refused to drop the camera and was subsequently arrested. Once they reviewed the photos, police say their suspicions were confirmed. There were numerous shots of women's crotches and buttocks, presumably without their knowledge or consent. So unsettling.

Are you surprised by this crime?

Image via David Dolphin/Flickr

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