Mom Who Killed 2-Year-Old Daughter Asked Her Other Kids Help Cover Up the Murder

Veronica HerreraOh. Oh. OH! My heart is hurting y'all. A mother (and that is a word I use loosely) from Idaho has been convicted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter and then burning the little girl's body to hide her horrific crime. And the horror doesn't stop there.

Veronica Herrera forced her other kids -- the 2-year-old's siblings -- to HELP burn their little sister's body! I just ... how does this happen?

And just wait until you hear what this piece of human excrement got as punishment.


She was facing 40 years in prison, but instead a judge handed down a 15-year fixed sentence, with another indeterminate sentence of 15 years. That SHOULD add up to 30 years, but according to reports, Herrera could serve as little as 15.

Fifteen years? Is that all?

For murdering a 2-year-old and then forcing children to burn their sibling's body?

Some things about the American justice system will just never make sense to me, I guess. We send people off to do hard time for minor drug offenses, and then we let a hardcore sicko like this woman get off relatively easy.

No murderer should get off easy -- a human life is a human life, but it's particularly upsetting when someone kills a child and then walks free in less time than it would take said child to grow up. At the absolute minimum, shouldn't there be an expectation that the offender spend as much time in jail as the child would have spent growing up? To pay for the childhood stolen?

I hope Herrera is forced to serve both 15 years sentences and NOT concurrently -- so she actually spends all 30 years in jail. I hope ... but considering our justice system, I'm sadly not holding my breath.

Do you think 15 years is enough for a crime this heinous?


Image via Owyhee County Sheriff

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