Search for Toddler Elaina Steinfurth Leads Cops to Grisly Discovery at Her House

Elaina SteinfurthAwful news today in the case of Elaina Steinfurth, the 1-year-old who went missing from her home in Ohio in early June. The search for baby Elaina may have come to an end with a shocking discovery in the home of her mother Angela Mories Steinfurth and Angela's boyfriend, Steven King.

Police executed another search warrant at baby Elaina's home late this week based on "new evidence." Now a coroner has confirmed that human remains were found in the last place where Elaina was seen alive. Human remains!


There's an autopsy under way to determine cause of death, although Lucas County Coroner Dr. James Patrick said identifying the remains may take longer, possibly even weeks. So it's possible that it's not Elaina, even though that is the most obvious conclusion. Even though everything about this case has seemed suspicious from the get go. Even though Elaina's mother AND her boyfriend are both in jail facing charges that relate to the girl's disappearance -- albeit not murder or even manslaughter (not right now anyway).

It could be that Elaina is still out there.

Highly unlikely, but it could be. It's possible as of this moment for people who want to hold out hope to do so.

But it's impossible to look at this as anything but bad news. Human remains were found. That means someone -- whether it's Elaina or not -- is dead.

A life was lost, a life that was loved by someone out there.

Right now TJ Steinfurth, Elaina's father, is unable to speak on information he's gotten from police other than to say that he's "irate" and that he's having a hard time being optimistic now. This poor man has been through so much in the past few months, and it sounds like his nightmare is only getting worse.

What do you make of this horrific discovery?


Image via National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

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