War Veteran Shocks Stupid Thief Who Dares to Pull a Gun on Him (VIDEO)

Next time you're planning to pull a gun on a cashier and rob a store, you might think for a moment about what the hell you're doing. And who the hell you're doing it to. For if you pull a gun on a veteran, you might just find yourself staring down the barrel of your own mortality. That's what happened when some armed moron walked into a store in Missouri and pulled a firearm on the cashier and demanded "all the f**king money." But lickety-split like that the Iraq war vet behind the counter whipped out his own gun and stuck it up to the cretin's mouth.


It all started when the would-be robber sauntered into a liquor store in Marionville, Missouri, smoking a cigarette. The man behind the counter, 54-year-old Jon Lewis Alexander, asked him to put it out. Instead, the guy pulled a gun and pointed it toward Alexander.

Alexander quickly tried to push the gun away with his left hand, and with his right, he reached into his back pocket and whipped out his own gun. He then had it nearly in the robber's mouth. He then threatened to "blow his head off."

Realizing his was out-gunned, the robber quickly backed out of the store. Told he was lucky, Alexander replied, "I think he's a little luckier than I am."

Indeed. Alexander has served four tours in Iraq, was a former prison guard, and is a private investigator. He apparently knows how to wield a weapon. And you can bet robber dude had no clue about that.

Alexander not only swiftly defended himself, he used restraint in not firing at the perp. Take a look:

I'm glad it worked out the way it did because there was a moment there where it all could have gone terribly wrong. If you watch the video closely, you'll see that while Alexander tries to shove the robber's gun to the side, he misses. And then he struggles for a moment to retrieve his own gun from his pocket. In those precious moments, Alexander could have been dead.

But the robber was probably so shocked to be facing what he puts others through that he quickly lost his nerve and left. I'm not so sure this makes a case for everyone being armed to the hilt -- as it could have gone wrong. However, in this case it went right, and Alexander obviously knew what he was doing. Still, the whole thing is very scary and thank goodness Alexander is okay.

What would you do?


Image via Jackson Sun/YouTube

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