Ex-Girlfriend Accused of Attacking 8-Year-Old Boy After His Father Dumps Her

Helen NewsomeA little boy is lucky to be alive today after his dad's ex-girlfriend allegedly snuck into his room and tried to kill him! The 8-year-old from Maryland was fast asleep when cops say Helen Marie Newsome held a pillow over his head and tried to bludgeon him with a dumbbell.

And you thought your ex was crazy? Sheesh.


Apparently Jacob Soliz-Amaya's dad had broken up with Newsome the week before. Why she might be mad at dad is obvious.

But what did the poor kid do? He's an innocent victim in all of this!

Obviously you can't be right in the head to try to kill someone, least of all a child. But isn't there a moment when you sit down and think, "Who am I really mad at?" Isn't that the person you take it up with? You don't try to kill them (duh), but at least you get into it with THEM, not their poor kid.

Fortunately, cops say Jacob woke up when the pillow was placed over this head, and was able to fight off Newsome with a headbutt. Brave little guy! He had to be taken to the hospital and get staples in his head, but he's doing OK.

Newsome, on the other hand, is facing first degree attempted murder charges after cops say she admitted to assaulting Jacob. She's being held on $500,00 bond, so the boy is safe, for now at least.

Here's hoping a conviction -- if she's convicted -- would put her in prison for a long, long, long time. Rage issues that would drive you to try to kill someone's child for breaking up with you are not compatible with life out here in the real world.

Do you have a crazy ex story? Did it reach criminal proportions?


Image via police

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