Man Shot for Throwing Himself Between Kids & Armed Robbers in Restaurant Holdup Horror Story

handcuffsSometimes I wonder if the world has just gone mad. Take this story out of Houston, Texas: an armed robbery of a restaurant ended in the murder of a customer. What did the poor guy do to deserve dying over dinner? Robert Placette jumped in front of a bunch of children ... to protect them from the guns being pointed at them.

I just. I can't even fathom how something like this happens. How someone does something so selfless ... and how someone else sees it not as something to respect but a reason to take their life.


Who robs a Denny's full of customers?

Who points their gun at a bunch of kids?

And who SHOOTS SOMEONE for stepping between said gun and CHILDREN?

Witnesses at the Denny's in West Houston say the armed robbers told everyone to get down on the floor, and they were demanding their valuables. When they swung their guns in the direction of the kids, 64-year-old Placette got up and went to shield the kids.

Clearly, Placette is the hero here. He could have just laid there and hoped for the best, but he didn't. He put himself out there for the sake of these kids.

Clearly, I also do not think like a criminal because I'm struggling to wrap my head around the lack of empathy it takes to see an act so pure and so good and not be moved by it, to actually take a man's life.

But then, if you're threatening to kill children, you are already too far gone for saving, aren't you?

Here's hoping the cops in Houston catch these murderers and fast ... and that they spend the rest of their lives in jail. If only there were a worse punishment out there.

What do you think should be done with these monsters?


Image via CDogStar/Flickr

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